Serving Nonprofit Accounting Needs Since 1999

FTM is a full-service software technology and financial management CPA firm that has assisted over three hundred (350) organizations to improve their financial operations.

Additionally, we have provided classroom training to over 2,000 individuals of nonprofit organizations through the Indiana CPA Society, United Way of Central Indiana, and other associations.

Our staff has served in various capacities at numerous nonprofit organizations.  In our role as your business partner, we are able to provide our clients with the necessary financial management and software advisor services to complement their organization’s expertise and capacity.

FTM Understands the Unique Complexities of Nonprofit Accounting

Software technology firms do not have the necessary accounting knowledge to implement, train, and support nonprofit accounting and fundraising software.

Jim Simpson, our founder, has developed a single firm and one shop stop to provide the personalized and customized financial management and software services that our clients need.  FTM does not have the independence problems that traditional CPA firms have as our firm does not perform financial audits.  However, we do partner with a select number of CPA firms that also specialize in audits of Nonprofits which we would be pleased to recommend.

Software Advisory Services for Nonprofit Organizations

Our software advisory services include software assessment, sales, conversion, implementation, training, support, and project management services.

Our approach is to work with you to determine how your organization can best benefit from our professional services.

We provide a comprehensive needs assessment and financial system review and make specific recommendations towards improving organization's financial management capacity and financial operations.

Comprehensive bookkeeping, accounting, controller, and CFO services tailored to compliment your organization’s capacity and improve financial operations.  We realize that organizations with revenues from $200,000 to $3,000,000 don’t have the resources to have a full accounting staff so we focus on filling in the accounting and finance staffing gaps.  We have found our services to be cost effective for organization’s and, most importantly, lets the organization focus on its mission and program development.

Better Use of Nonprofit Accounting Systems

Our firm focuses on continuous improvements of an organization’s accounting system.  This results in more accurate and timely financial information.  One of our primary focuses is on assisting your organization to better use their accounting systems.  An accounting system will improve your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness, but does not eliminate the manual business processes needed.  We will offer suggestions to improve the manual and/or business processes and procedures to improve your operating efficiency and effectiveness.

Trusted, Accessible, Expert – You Can Be Confident Working with FTM

We are a trusted financial advisor for our clients.   Our clients are other nonprofit organizations similar to yours.  Our clients typically have grant makers and intermediaries that we interact and work with to solve our client’s problems.

Our firm’s communication process encourages a free flow and proactive communication with our clients.    Any issues are identified and discussed promptly with the Executive Director or designated management team member.  We have and will involve the Treasurer, Finance Committee, and Board when needed to insure the financial stability and our stewardship role is met.

Commitment to Nonprofits as a Firm and as Individuals

Our staff is easily accessible via email and mobile phones.  We really work towards making sure our clients don’t feel they are on the clock so we can encourage client interaction and better results for our clients.  We know our clients are busy so we can complete many projects on our own to free our clients up to focus on more value-added activities.

Our firm is different than firms as our sole focus is nonprofit organization’s financial management solutions.  Our focus is on the financial management and software management of our clients.  We don’t have the distractions of other industries or attestation services that other firms typically provide and allocate resources.

Our Staff

Jim Simpson Portrait

Jim Simpson, CPA and Director of Financial Technologies & Management since 1999.  He is the firm's Nonprofit Financial Leader and Trainer, CFO, Controller, Forensic Accountant and Software Expert for Abila MIP, Microix, AccuFund, and QuickBooks.  He has served as CFO, Controller and Software Expert for over 30 years to over 350 nonprofit organizations. Our nonprofit accounting software solutions include Abila MIP, Microix, AccuFund, and QuickBooks.

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Stacey Simpson, Senior Accountant and Controller, performs the finance and accounting function for numerous Nonprofit Organizations since 1999.  She provides Controller, Accountant, and Bookkeeping services to our clients.

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Marsha Hearn-Lindsey, Senior Accountant and Controller, performs the accounting function for numerous Nonprofit Organizations.  She has forty years of experience with Nonprofit Organizations including budget administration and working closely with the Board of Directors.   She also has strong experience in Grant and Program Development, Community Relations, Coalition Building, Staff Management and Training.  She is passionate and vision driven, with a contagious enthusiasm and natural talent for motivating and inspiring others.

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Wanda Kaiser, Senior Accountant and Controller, performs the finance and accounting function for Nonprofit Organizations.  She is a CPA with over 20 years experience in Nonprofit Organizations.  She works closely with Board of Director's and Executive Management in all finance areas including accounting, auditing, budgeting, grants management, and human resources.

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Sandra Ray, CPA and Senior Accountant and Controller, performs the finance and accounting function for numerous Nonprofit Organizations.  She provides Controller, Accounting, and Bookkeeping Services to our clients.

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Lisa Arnold, Senior Accountant and Controller, performs the finance and accounting function for numerous Nonprofit Organizations.   She provides Controller, Accounting and Bookkeeping Services to our clients.  Prior to joining FTM, Lisa managed all accounting and financial function for a Nonprofit Organization for fourteen years where she used Abila MIP.


Who we serve-Fraternities and Sororities

We are experts in working with Fraternities and Sororities.   We have the firm expertise to meet the complex fund accounting needs of Fraternities and Sororities including fund accounting management of investments, administrative fees, and fund balances.  FTM recommends and uses Abila MIP Accounting Fund Accounting Software on a daily basis to perform our client’s outsourced accounting needs and is our firm’s primary nonprofit accounting software solution.   We understand the accounting needs of nonprofits and can help you meet your organization’s needs as well with Abila MIP Fund Accounting.

Case Study

FTM helped this organization to evaluate, purchase, and implement Abila MIP Fund Accounting.  FTM performed the initial implementation and continues to provide software advisory services for a variety of organizational needs as we are very familiar with our clients and their needs.  We are their business partner and advisor and meet the complex needs of this client.

Contact Financial Technologies & Management to see how we can help your nonprofit with accounting solutions.  You can schedule an appointment directly from the website, email or phone at 317-819-0780.