Our Client Referral Program

To help more nonprofits experience the benefits of the Financial Technologies & Management services, software, and training, we offer a client referral program for our current referral partners and clients.

How the Client Referral Program Works

1. Fill out the referral form, authorizing Financial Technologies & Management to use your name and organization name when contacting your referral.

2. For each qualifying organization you refer, you will receive a $25 VISA Gift Card.

3. If your referral becomes a FTM client, you can select to receive either a $250 professional referral fee or a $500 donation to your organization or the referred organization. You decide which option works best for you or our client.

We appreciate your referral and we will contact referred organization.

We have established this program to thank you for your time and help to serve our clients and the community.

Contact our team for more information about our referral program, or to arrange financial management training for yourself or your team. We proudly serve residents of Indianapolis, IN, and surrounding areas.