Sage Intacct: The only AICPA-endorsed solution for cloud financials.

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When it comes to financial management, nonprofit accounting presents unique challenges that won’t be easily overcome with outdated spreadsheets and manual processes. Update your organization’s finances by switching to Sage Intacct, a cloud-based modern fund accounting software designed to tackle the problems facing today’s nonprofits. As the only cloud financial solution backed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, you can depend on it to bolster your efficiency and managerial visibility while driving down costs.

Financial Technologies & Management is here to help you optimize Sage Intacct for your organization. We help you determine whether it’s the best software solution for your particular challenges, streamline the implementation process, and deliver training for your key personnel. Contact us for a free consultation to get started.

Sage Intacct Fund Accounting

Sage Intacct gives you greater efficiency and managerial visibility so you can drive down costs while fully pursuing your organization’s mission. Sage Intacct supports all types of nonprofit organizations including health and human services, faith-based organizations, philanthropic, membership, educational and international nonprofits, and NGOs.

If you’re trying to master the unique challenges of fund accounting while limited to spreadsheets or legacy software designed decades ago – it’s time to look at this cloud-based, modern fund accounting software.

Only Sage Intacct’s fund accounting software gives you the clear, real-time visibility you need to efficiently and proactively pursue your organization’s mission and optimally serve your constituents and stakeholders, while reducing process costs and keeping staffing lean.

Fund Accounting for the 21st Century

Get the precise, real-time visibility you need to efficiently and proactively pursue your organization’s mission while reducing process costs and keeping staffing lean. With this dynamic, forward-thinking nonprofit accounting software, you can:

  • Easily Manage & Track Funds & Grants
  • Increase Productivity by Automating Manual Processes
  • Easy Adoption, Integration, & Scalability
  • Ensure Appropriate Stewardship of Funds & Donations
  • Deliver Real-Time Reporting & Visibility to Stakeholders
  • Manage Access & Permissions to Geographically Dispersed Employees & Volunteers

Rising to the Stewardship Challenge

You need new and smarter ways to generate nonprofit financial statements – not spreadsheets. You need technology and functionality that gives you greater efficiency and managerial visibility. That translates into funding transparency and greater donor confidence.

All the Financial Statements, Reports, & Dashboards You Need

Proactively manage your key initiatives, take timely action, and improve outcomes with Sage Intacct. It ensures your financial statements provide a complete view of the consolidated numbers, summaries, and other details you need to manage your organization effectively. Let FTM show you how this cloud-based software helps you:

  • Generate Payout Reports, Balance Sheets by Fund, or 990 Reports – with Just a Few Clicks
  • Save Time with Out-Of-the-Box Compliance Reports & Analyses
  • Take Corrective Action Sooner or Capitalize On New Opportunities
  • Use Real-Time Dashboards with No Programming Knowledge

Contact our team for more information about Sage Intacct to find out what this 21st-century software can do for your group.