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Follow Key Metrics to Mission Fulfillment

We’re pleased to offer a valuable, 7-page document on nonprofit outcome metrics.

Click here to access ‘Outcome Metrics: Measuring What Matters in the Nonprofit World’

The topics covered include:

  • The Age of Transparency and Accountability
  • What are Outcome Metrics?
  • Why Outcome Metrics Matter?
  • Who’s Monitoring Nonprofit Performance?
  • Linking Metrics to the Mission
  • The Best Path to Success: A Balanced Approach
  • Set Up Your Plan
  • The Right Financial Software System Matters
  • Conclusion: Making a Difference

Click here to get your complimentary copy

Outcome metrics deliver value only if they are tightly aligned to your core values and mission (otherwise, they are only a resource-draining distraction). So it’s best to start with a simple template that defines what matters – your organization’s short- and long-term objectives – and the impact measures that effectively map to them.

Set goals and strategies that help to ensure your activity measures support the overarching mission. These might include progress toward goals, and program implementation; e.g. projects launched and sites protected.

Finally, drill down to define the supporting tactics and activities. These might be measures of memberships, funding, or growth in fundraising.

However you establish and define your outcome metrics, keep it simple – and never lose focus of what truly matters to your organization.