Who We Serve

We assist a broad range of nonprofit and government organizations, including the following Nonprofit Industries. We work exclusively with nonprofits, so we under your organization industry are unique, so we customize our solution to fit your specific needs.

Area Agency on Aging
Arts & Culture
Community Action Agencies
Community Centers
Community Development Corporations

Religious-based Organizations
Cities and Towns

Fraternities & Sororities
Head Start Organizations
Healthcare Centers
Human & Social Services
Government Agencies & Local Districts
Private Schools & Colleges
United Way
Youth Organizations

Software Solutions Designed for Nonprofit Organizations

CFOs and finance directors of nonprofit organizations will find MIP Fund Accounting Software or MIP Cloud easily adapts to each funding source’s unique conditions, and confidently and accurately reports your financial story. Sound accounting and reporting are the bedrock of accountability and transparency.

FTM has implemented and supported MIP Fund Accounting Software since 1999. In addition to our deep experience and understanding of Abila MIP Fund Accounting, we also offer Microix Software developed to complement the MIP Fund Accounting Suite.